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About us


Energy Watch provides answers to energy questions in order to make better strategic choices.

‘Energy Watch - A clear view on renewable energy’

Energy Watch has the ambition to play a role in accelerating the energy transition from fossil fuels to an energy system entirely based on renewable energy sources. Based on facts and observations, Energy Watch provides customer specific solutions. Our strength lies in our multidisciplinary approach and the complementary strengths of its founders. Technical experience and know-how form the basis to reduce complex issues to their core elements.
Photo's: ID Fotografie, Sandra Busch
Jaap de Boer   Hans Scholten

Jaap de Boer:

Jaap is a physicist with over 20 years of experience in solving complex energy problems. Jaap is a strong analytical and
conceptual thinker with clear views on sustainable energy and renewables.

Hans Scholten:

Hans is a mechanical engineer with extensive experience as a project manager and business developer in the high-tech industry. Hans has a creative mindset and is passionate about technology and renewables.