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Sustainability Twente Region

Regio Twente logoWithin the framework of the Twente Sustainability Agenda (TDA), Energy Watch has been asked to determine the current energy mix of the Twente region, to establish a base line for quantified sustainable objectives. In addition, Energy Watch will monitor the increase of energy efficiency and/or an increased share of renewable energy brought about by sustainable initiatives and projects which will be put forward within the TDA framework by foundation kiEMT and Kennispark Twente.


'Regio Twente' (Twente Region) is the joint venture of the fourteen municipalities of Twente, encompassing a total of 626,000 inhabitants.


The Twente Sustainability Agenda (TDA) aims at enhancing socio-economic structure and sustainable innovation in the Twente region. The TDA provides a regional platform on sustainability and features an implementation agenda with innovative projects within the themes: construction, energy, mobility and the encompassing theme "smart grids". Currently 3.6% of the energy consumption in Twente is sustainable. To align with the Dutch sustainability objectives, at least 14% of the generated energy in 2020 must originate from renewable sources. It is expected that in 2020, the regional waste-processing company Twence, can provide half of that energy in renewable form. The key question is how the remaining 50% in the Twente region can be made sustainable.

Further information: www.regiotwente.nl