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UM Wave Craft

wave craftEnergy Watch has supported Umoe Mandal by providing market research for the offshore wind energy market. Next to performing general market analysis, competition analysis and customer analysis, Energy Watch created a detailed value analysis, quantifying the value of the unique properties of the UM Wave Craft.


Umoe Mandal is a Norwegian ship-building company, part of the Ulltveit-Moe Group, and is very active in the naval market. Umoe Mandal is known for its expertise in Fibre Reinforced Plastics and high speed “Surface-Effect-Ship” technology.

UMOE Mandal WaveCraft


New offshore wind projects are situated at increasing distances from shore and in increasingly rough seas. At these sites, today's service vessels would only allow transfers for a limited number of days per year. The UM Wave Craft is a “Surface-Effect-Ship” (SES) which solves the problem of transferring engineers and equipment safely to wind turbines as far as 300km offshore in wave heights up to around three metres.