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Suzlon Energy Blades

SE Blades logoEnergy Watch supported Suzlon Energy Blades with market analysis on the expected role of wind energy in 2035 and in the identification of future trends and technology for turbines and blades.


SE Blades Technology is a division of Suzlon Energy Ltd. and is active worldwide in the design and development of rotor blades for wind turbines. The Suzlon group was the 10th largest international manufacturer of wind turbines in 2017.


Wind energy is generally expected to play an increasingly important role in the energy supply of a growing number of countries. As the number of wind turbines that are installed in the different markets is growing, it is seen that the best wind sites are occupied first, leaving the wind sites with a less optimal wind climate available. The market is steadily shifting to these areas. Turbine suppliers are adapting to this trend and there is an interest to develop a clear vision on long term opportunities for blades.