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TKI Offshore Wind

TKI Offshore WindIn close cooperation with the Energy Research Centre Netherlands (ECN), Energy Watch has initiated the project "Large Offshore Wind farm Harmonics Mitigation, LOW-HarM", within the Dutch Offshore Wind innovation program TKI-Wind op Zee. The project aims to improve the future stability of the electricity grid, given the expected strong growth of offshore wind. The project consortium consists of TenneT TSO, CG Power Systems, Energy Solutions, TU Delft and TU Eindhoven.


Modern wind farms include many power electronics and long offshore cables that are susceptible to distortion of voltages and currents in the electricity grid (harmonics). These distortions can cause additional energy losses, tripping of protection systems and contribute to premature component failure. These problems can be solved, but the current design approach can lead to project delays, high costs and risks for future offshore wind farms. The project consortium will work on a more standardized, future-proof and cost-effective design approach that will increase the reliability and efficiency of offshore wind. The results contribute to accelerating the energy transition and reducing integration costs. The project is coordinated by ECN / TNO and is supported by the TKI Wind on Sea program.